List of interesting items (may eventually get their own pages):

  • Almanac (S.18) – gives the phases of the moon, etc.
  • Very few items exist in both realms, Life and also Death (S.25)
  • Abhorsen’s Sword (S.27)
  • Abhorsen’s Bells (S.27)

There are anti-Dead swords (S.40). (Perimeter Scouts?)

Wind Flutes (S.46/48), they bind the dead, and are tied to Abhorsen (and thus must be renewed).

Book of the Dead – unique (or nearly so) item. (S.50)

  • Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker? (S.57)

Traveler (???) (S.57) (is this an item?)

Ancelstierran steel cannot withstand Charter fire.


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