This campaign site is for games set in the universe of the Sabriel novels (the Old Kingdom, and potentially Ancelstierre) using the Old World of Darkness (White Wolf) rules.


I’m mainly basing it on Changeling: The Dreaming and Mage: The Sorcerer’s Crusade. However, it could also work well with Mage: The Ascension, and possibly also Wraith: The Wraithening, especially since I think Wraith has a WWI setting, which is approximately the time in which Sabriel is set.

Oooh! Also, there is an Old Kingdom Wikia! We should reference that whenever possible. Also an official Old Kingdom website!

Page numbers

I don’t intend to be violating copyright here; there’s going to be a lot of “See page X of Y book” going on. We have the hardcover WoD books.

For page numbers in the novels: I have the paperback, person-on-cover editions of Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen, and Across the Wall; I have the hardcover, Charter-Mark-on-cover edition of Clariel.


As usual, I’ll be keeping most everything in the Wiki section, organized by Tags.

The Old Kingdom, Old World of Darkness

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