Cast of Characters

Page will include humans, creatures, etc. Don’t link them until you have at least a “stub” amount of information to put there. Actually, on second thought, a link to their Wikia pages is probably going to be the most efficient way to do this – ex. Sabriel.

Sabriel era

Minor Sabriel-era

  • Arrenil – Charter Mage and baptizer (S.3)
  • The Traveler band is led by a woman (name?) (S.11)
  • Jacinth (schoolgirl at Wyverly with Bunny) (S.14)
  • Mrs. Umbrade, headmistress at Wyverly (S.15)
  • List of girl names at Wyverly (S.20)
  • Miss Greenwood (S.23) – Magistrix
  • Col. Horyse (S.42)
    *Pvt. Rahise (S.59) – Scouts

Clariel era

  • Clariel
  • Mogget
  • Belatiel
  • Kargrin (Magister Kargrin)
  • Ader (Mistress Ader)
  • Jaciel

Cast of Characters

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