Charter and Free Magic

For Charter Magic and Free Magic, I’m thinking two 0-10 dot values, similar to Willpower, Glamour, Banality, and Arete. (There would also be Willpower.)

Charter spells – page of actual spells

Every character with a Charter Mark baptism starts with 1 dot in Charter Magic. I’m thinking that a 1-success Charter Magic roll would be equivalent to “tap into the Charter” – the sort of initializing thing (that I recall most clearly from Clariel) where you just sense the Charter. This would be required prior to doing anything with the Charter.

Another 1-success roll would be testing someone else’s Charter mark to see if it’s true or corrupted.

These rolls would probably have a low Difficulty.

Players could buy Charter and Free magic dots (perhaps with an upper cap as starting players?) – dots in Charter Magic let you do Charter Magic spells. Dots in Free magic let you do Free Magic spells, but carry a risk of corruption, (especially?) if you have fewer dots in Charter than in Free.

From the official site (the Charter Mark page): “The Abhorsens are the only Charter Mages who can also use Free Magic, though they must resist the lure of its more straightforward, angry power. (see here for more information on the use of Free Magic).” → I take this to mean “those with Abhorsen blood,” rather than “The Abhorsen him/herself.”

More dots in Free Magic would strengthen a Berserker’s rage. This would go along nicely with how it’s important for Berserkers to have iron willpower and (maybe also? not sure if this is required in-book) strong Charter Magic skills. (Maybe one or the other is sufficient?)


Wind blowing in from the Old Kingdom affects magic/technology in Ancelstierre. (S.31)

Magic feels like charged air before a thunderstorm. (S.32)

Charter Marks are “visible to those with the sight.” (S.32) – what is “the sight” exactly? Every Charter Mage, I assume; what about non-mages?

There are consequences of using magic at The Perimeter (S.38-39), to include a very alert garrison.

One checks another’s Baptism by touching their forehead. (S.41)

The Crossing Point of the Perimeter used to be moved – no longer, so now all the dead there might not stay dead. Leakage of magic across the border/across the boundary between Life and Death? (S.44)

The Bells

I’m not sure how to handle the bells (the Abhorsen’s bells, the necromancer’s bells). My initial thought was that they would be seven dots’ worth of abilities, and you could use only the bells that you’d bought dots for, but that doesn’t make sense in the world, so I think we should not do that.

Instead, perhaps the more powerful bells require more Successes to use? One success per ordinal number of the bell seems too trite; perhaps 3 successes for Ranna, on up to a higher number (6?) for Saraneth and Astarael?

Bell use could be a Skill/Talent/Knowledge, though.

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Charter and Free Magic

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