Charter spells


Written down, or whistled (S.16)

Using instruments or tools (S.22) – they make it easier?

Willpower exertion (p.25) – perhaps burning a point of temporary Willpower to gain an automatic success?

Visions, Oath (S.28) – ??

Fire and Light

Charter spell for fire (S.10)

(S.64) : Spell for time of death, etc. Which Gate, too. Fire, cleansing, peace, and sleep.


Charter baptism is a Charter spell of Life. (S.4)


“In the nature of an exchange” – Kerrigor says this about death spells (S.7)

Aftermath of going into Death: cold, shivering, etc. (Backlash? Avoidable with a Stamina check, perhaps?) (S.15)

Manner of control of the dead (S.23)


Charter spell for sleep (S.22)

Charter spells

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