The Clayr

Four sees all in frozen water

The Clayr are Charter Mages (I believe, anyway); in general, they’re going to have very little Free Magic, and their Charter Magic is all focused on prophecy.

There are divisions within the Clayr (e.g. the Librarians) – those divisions should be listed here at some point.


Mage provides for the possibility of time-travel spells; that’s not what the Clayr are about, though. Prophesy (-cy?) and vision are their specialty.

From Changeling, the Soothsay Art (p. 180) may be relevant:

  • Omen (•◦◦◦◦): Vague information about a subject/target. (p. 180)
  • Tattletale (•••◦◦): Scry through an object that is familiar to the caster (i.e. see things near to the object). (p. 182)
  • The other three cantrips in this Art are all about affecting Fate, rather than foreseeing it, so they are not relevant to the Clayr.

The Clayr

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